ONE PAGE MAGIC GOLD VOL. 2 NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON 3 MAGIC SUCCESS This book is separated into a set of One Page Magics of best practices
 PROJECTS WITH THE MAGIC OF ONE PAGE MAGIC Leaders, PMO Managers, PMO Practitioners, Program Managers, Project Managers, and Consultants can be more successful by having the knowledge of best practices that they require at their fingertips through the use of a one-page overview, the ONE PAGE MAGIC. It is like having your own mobile library of Business Transformation best practices in one book. NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON CONTENTS A collections of 24 Business & Digital Transformation One Page Magics and Transformation PMO Best Practices – Reformatted and Compiled into a new useful reference book. ★ Effectively Leading a Digital Transformation ★ Implementing Global Business Transformation to Remote Teams ★ The Role a Transformation PMO ★ Digital Workplace Best Practices ★ OCM and Link to Business and Digital Transformation ★ The Five Stages of Digital Maturity ★ Successful Business Transformations ★ Integrated Workstreams for Business Transformation ★ Digital Transformation Strategy ★ Enterprise Architecture in Digital Transformation ★ Disruptive Innovation ★ Overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications ★ Key Elements of Consideration for Digital Transformation ★ Lessons Learned with Digital Transformations ★ Key Digital Areas to Test Your Organisation Maturity ★ Digital Transformation in Telco's ★ Customer Experience (CX) Transformation ★ Best Practices To Drive Creativity & Innovation ★ Transformation PMO – Understanding Stakeholder Commitment ★ Transformation PMO – The Change Plan Journey ★ Transformation PMO – The Change Journey User Adoption Measures ★Transformation PMO – Project, Process, and People Focus Planning NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON Keywords: Business Transformation, Digital, Digital Transformation, Integrated Workstreams, BPR, OCM, OD, Business Process Improvement, BPI,, Organisational Change Management, Project Management, Program Management, Transformation PMO, Posters. Success Factors, Business Process, Agile Project Management Office, Performance Management...


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